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The Cat & the Foxcub are me, Catherine, aged 42, and my niece, aged 7. I was born in Kenya, but have lived most of my life in the UK. In 2004 I moved to Sydney. The foxcub was born in Cairo and has lived in London and Nairobi, and now in Saudi Arabia. We share most especially a love of reading and of the foxcub’s mother, my sister. I have two little boys, a Canadian husband, and work as a book editor in Sydney. The foxcub has a little sister and a foxy father. Together we have decided to write stories (the foxcub will do the stories), & about books and family and maybe other stuff too.

Our logo was designed by Graeme Offord. You can find his work at http://www.graemeofford.com, and one most cool example below. He is *really talented*.




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