A Martian Triumph

My name is Jaff. I live in number 5 Moonlight Avenue in 99 Martian House. This is the story of how I beat my annoying teacher Mrs. Thinman. I am nine years old and what you humans call an alien. I go to school in a floating classroom and live in a levitating house above … More A Martian Triumph

My colour poem

Green is the colour of the lean string bean Which I wash squeaky clean. Green is the colour of the crocodile Who always makes me run a couple miles. Italian hills are always bright green; I’ve been there and it’s what I’ve seen. Green is the colour of leaves on a glower, So is the … More My colour poem

The Land

There’s a playground in Wales in the UK called The Land, where kids are encouraged to light fires in tin drums and their parents are discouraged from its vicinity. It’s a place in the country where what looks like a big, muddy rubbish dump has been purposely set in the middle of a field as … More The Land